What is the minimum amount for an order of my own drink?

Basically, the minimum amount for some products is 120 cans or bottles, but it depends on the product itself. For more information go to – https://protaste-drinks.com/producten/

  • And choose the product of your interest.

Do you print the artwork on a label or directly on the product?

For most of our products, such as plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans, we use labels or sleeves. The exception is our entire canned products (energy drinksice-coffeechocolate milkpromosecco), for which we can print the artwork directly on the can, with minimum amount of 150,000 units.

Do I need to design the label myself or you can make the artwork?

We can design the artwork free of charge, then you need to send us your logo, picture, slogan, colors, that you wish to have on the label. Or you can design your own label and send us the complete artwork. To design your drink you can download label specification here – https://protaste-drinks.com/templates/

What is the deadline for receiving a finished product, since the moment the order has been placed?

Usually it depends on the product and the amount, but the standard delivery time is between 5 – 10 working days. In some urgent cases we can deliver even faster.

Is there a special price for resellers or buyers with monthly/annual deals?

Yes, there are special offers for resellers as well as for monthly/annual orders. For this please feel free to fill in our contact form –

Do you also do any other drinks than the ones that are mentioned on the website?

Yes, we do. Although our regular assortment is the one you can find on the website. We also produce products according to special demands of our customers. There we go through R&D and this we make it specially for our branding rather than promotional purposes.

Is it possible to come and pick up the complete order myself?

It is possible, by requesting this option on the ordering form.

Do you also deliver outside the Netherlands?

Yes, we do.

What is the payment procedure?

Every new customer pays 100% upfront; the regular customers receive invoice which has to be paid within one week after the product has been delivered. Special requests can be discussed.


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